Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Tantrums

List of Top Things to make Luke throw a temper tantrum
(in no particular order)

won't let him play with stove
stop him from changing the time on the clock
take away cell phone from him
take away car keys from him
stop him from pulling out bottles of wine from the wine rack
stop him from pulling dog's tail
putting him down after carrying him
stop him from playing in the dog's water
won't let him eat dog food
won't let him go down the stairs
not eating
not letting him eat all the food on my plate
changing his diaper
won't let him play with remote
leaving the room
taking him out of the swing outside
if I don't throw the ball for him

He's not even two yet!

He has the best, most dramatic temper tantrums ever.
He literally throws himself on the ground, arms and legs extended and cries.
We ignore him and he usually gets over it.

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