Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

One of the few pictures that Luke looks more like a Rakshys than a DiVerde

Friday, January 14, 2011

Guest blogger - non baby related

This is the post that was supposed to appear on Thursday.

In response to reading the following link about how 'epic' should not be used:

Here is my husband's list of crap he hates on the internet:
1) lol as punctuation
2) epic when not talking about a poem
3) comic sans
4) petulant repeating of characterrrrs
5) people who say "my Internet" or "I have the Internet"
6) just sayin'
7) too much emoting: I hate that but I love (((you)))
8) chain emails from the 90s
9) using fake swears from scifi shows: frell, frack, dren, feldercarb, drek
11) top ten lists with more or less items

*these are his opinions, not mine. I found them amusing even if I don't consider this an epic top ten listttt lol
just sayin' it's my internet too ya know
I don't give a frack if people don't like my (((hugs)))

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

wordless with more words

I'm beginning my first annual Wordless Wednesday post but it's too weird to not add a description. I had the idea of taking pictures of Luke as Baby New Year. But 57, yes 57 pictures later and none of them were what I envisioned. There were some GREAT out-takes. Then I saw a baby new year picture today and decided to initiate Luke into my sad sad world of Photoshops. Here you go, baby!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Operation Sleep

I feel like the last year my mind has been obsessed with sleep. I used a Facebook app to show the most used words in my status updates and some of the top words were Sleep, Night and Morning. Once again I had another status update today about sleep - or lack of sleep. First off I had insomnia. It may just be a coincidence or maybe I set myself up for sleep failure by watching the movie Insomnia (with Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams) which was a pretty good movie. I was a little stressed/ preoccupied about things so I think that's the main culprit for my insomnia but the preventable cause of my insomnia is the baby monitor. I think I need to make the executive decision and change the settings on the baby monitor. When Luke was born I raved about my baby monitor - the best baby monitor in the world. It's a monitor AND a SIDS detection thing. There's a sensor that goes under the mattress and if it senses nonmovement a quick alarm goes off and if there is continued nonmovement (as in lack of breathing) a big scary alarm goes off. It was great because as a new mom I worried about him breathing and feared something could happen to him. Having my monitor prevented me from sneaking into his room to hear him breathe because I just had to look at my monitor and if the little pendulum graphic was moving, I knew he was breathing. Well, last night the alarm kept going off. I snuck in his room twice to move him. He was squeezed into a corner with his blanket both times. The first time he heard me and moved himself but the second time I had to move him and he promptly moved right back to where he was. The rational, logical side of me KNOWS that he is old enough to be past any SIDS related incidents. Since he is able to stand up in his crib, surely if he had an issue breathing, he would be able to move his head away from the blanket or bumper pad (even though it's a breathable bumper, it still worries me). But don't try to tell a mom that when the alarm goes off at 3:00 am. I think I should just turn off the SIDS monitor portion of the alarm. But I am so comforted by that dang pendulum swinging which reassures me that he's breathing.
Turning off the alarm may have the opposite effect and give me more insomnia from worrying if he's breathing.

Oh, what's a neurotic mama to do?

Monday, January 10, 2011

The haircut


With Auntie Jamie

Eating a cookie for distraction


Such a little man!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

1st haircut

It's amazing how one thing - a haircut - can totally change the way someone looks. My little baby doesn't look like a baby anymore - he's a little boy! I got teary eyed when it was done. He looks so much better but he doesn't look like a baby.

I'm really glad I had somebody do it for me. Auntie Jamie came over and it was so much nicer having her do it in our kitchen while he played with some toys and we munched on appetizers than if we took him to a hair salon place. It's also way better than if I attempted to do it myself (my poor dog was my last victim in grooming when I decided to "trim" him without the guard. he was scalped) so it's wonderful that someone was able to do it who loves him and doesn't want him to look like a weirdo. He looks great and I'll post pictures soon.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Nine Months, Luke

Yes, I know I’m late. But better late than…oh please don’t nag me for being late.

Dear Luke,
Nine months. It’s official – you’ve spent more time outside of me than inside of me. My pregnancy had more negatives than positives but life with you has most definitely been more positives than negatives.
You went to your nine month doctor’s appointment and you’re doing all the things developmentally that you’re supposed to. You use your little fingers to feed yourself Cheerios, Baby Mum Mum crackers and your little cereal puffs. You’re crawling and babbling and at the 50% on the growth chart. Your doctor says you’re perfect and I am in complete agreement with her. Well, your ear was less than perfect and you had your second ear infection. This time it was a double ear infection. You were on stronger antibiotics and hopefully feeling all better.

You had mashed potatoes for the first time at Thanksgiving you made your very first kid craft. I took your little hand and we stamped it with gold ink and then I scanned it in and changed the colors and turned it into a turkey hand. We sent some Thanksgiving Day cards to a few family members and I proudly kept that print on our fridge for quite awhile.

I can’t believe you’re almost a year old and I’d better start planning that first birthday party for you!


2010 - Where did you go????

Not just 2010 but where did the last month go? Seriously. I thought I was doing ok updating my blog but it’s been an entire month since I posted anything. Bad, bad, bad. This site started as a way to share what’s going on with my pregnancy and then I kept it up (somewhat sporadically) after Luke was born to share what was going on with him. I’m really glad I started it and glad I’ve continued it because it’s served a few purposes. I’m able to share what’s going on with family and friends (and anyone else who may have stumbled upon the site) but it’s also been a great place for me to record my thoughts and read back and reminisce, smile and hopefully share with Luke one day when he’s older. I hope to continue this site but I may write more than just what’s going on with Luke. I’m not a big fan of making New Year’s resolutions (except for the NY resolutions from and her resolution for kittens to do less heroin…or more heroin depending on your stance.) but I will try to make some resolutions regarding my blog.

1. I want to write more often. I am happy when I post a new entry and I feel frustrated with myself when there is a big lull and I feel the need to write a catch up post (I now have several catch up posts to write) so I should just write more often.
2. If I have nothing to say, I will still try to post something.
3. Wordless Wednesdays are a great idea that I’ve seen on other sites and they may force me to post pictures at least once a week.

I think a list of 3 is good. For someone who doesn’t like any resolutions, three mini-resolutions related to one thing is quite impressive.