Friday, October 30, 2009


Now that I've recovered from my frantic worrying this past week, I'm feeling much more calm again. I'm debating on if I should buy one of those doppler heartbeat monitors. The ones at BabiesRUs are only amplifiers and the reviews are terrible. But I read great reviews from moms on the Hi Bebe doppler which is $80 without a screen and $100 with the screen (the screen tells you the baby heartbeats per minute). It's funny because before I was pregnant and even when I was first pregnant I scoffed at those things and thought they were silly. But having to wait almost a week for reassurance was nerve wracking and I don't want to stress out unnecessarily.

Today we're going to Galena for a Babymoon weekend. I never heard of a Babymoon until I got pregnant and was reading blogs and magazines and online articles and I found out about it. Basically it's a chance for mom and dad-to-be to have a nice relaxing vacation together before the baby arrives. They recommend taking a Babymoon during the 2nd trimester because mom is hopefully feeling less nausea, more energy and it's before the wonky 3rd trimester stuff begins. So we're leaving today to go to Galena for the weekend. Most of the leaves may have already fallen but it's only 3 hours away and we'll be staying at a Victorian b&b. On Halloween there's a parade and a balloon glow and we're signed up for a ghost walk. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm 18 weeks now and I 'll post a new belly picture when I get back.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sigh of Relief

Of course the doctor’s appointment went well. And of course I was worrying over nothing. We could hear the heartbeat just fine. Coming in loud and clear at 155 beats per minute. They said it’s actually not common for me to have been feeling so many flutters last week and not be worried if I don’t feel them. I had tears in my eyes when I heard Banjo’s heartbeat because I was so afraid something was wrong. We also only heard static at first until we moved it around and found it.

Ok, what were my other items I wanted to discuss…
The nurse checked my lungs and everything sounds normal and fine. Probably related to allergies or a slight cold but to keep an eye on it and not over-exert myself. For the light-headed thing, no surprise there that I was told “This is a warning sign not to ignore” and no matter how busy I get, don’t forget to eat! (cheese nips would have come in handy). Not sure how many people can be in the delivery room but I did learn that assuming I don’t have a c-section, there’s no moving from my room to a delivery room – it’s all done in the same room. (reminder to go get that tour of the hospital) and the hospital can provide the information on how many people can/should be in that room. There are no restrictions on using a doula. They do have swine flu shots but they are limiting their distribution and only giving them to women in their third trimester right now. When I come back for my next appointment, even though I won’t be in my third trimester, they may have a better idea of their supply and I may be eligible. Unrelated to my list, I CAN sleep on my back until the 24th week – or if I am sleeping on my back and I feel short of breath then I should stop sleeping on my back. Even then, I can still sleep on my back but propped up with several pillows. I’ve gained exactly 10 pounds since getting pregnant. It’s a little more than I would’ve liked but nothing to be worried about. The nurse thinks it’s because I finally got my appetite back in the 2nd trimester and could start eating more regularly again. I know I’m not over-eating and somehow I still have a waist (it looks so funny from the front, a waist with a big belly). I should take more than one view on my weekly belly shot because I’m sure there will be a time very soon when I no longer have a waist. I’m about 2 weeks away from the 20th week (official halfway mark – yay!) so to have gained 10 pounds still leaves me with 20 pounds to gain the rest of the pregnancy. And if I happen to gain more than 30 pounds total, the world will not end.

All in all a very good and reassuring appointment. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight because I won’t be worrying so much. I also won’t be waking myself up every time I happen to roll on my back with panicked thoughts of “Oh no! I’m killing my baby!!!”
So the moral of the story is…STOP WORRYING. Ha ha, yeah, right. I think I’m good for the next 3 weeks or so and then I’ll coincidentally be ready for my next appointment with a new list of worries and concerns.

Where are my dang Cheese Nips??!

So every morning I bring new snacks with me to work. Usually raisins, an apple and some sort of yummy snack like cookies or today it was supposed to be Cheese Nips. I remember taking them out of the cupboard and I thought I remembered putting them in my bag because I do rememebr thinking "I hope these yummy Cheese Nips don't get smushed being next to my book" but then at 10:00 looking for my little munchy snack I found nothing. I looked in my bag...and then I looked again. I even looked in the little zipper compartment that is way too small to hold my Cheese Nips, but I looked anyway. NOTHING. So they are either on the counter at home or maybe they fell out of my bag and are in the front seat of my car OR (and this is the one I'm most certain of) someone on the train took them out of my bag while I was reading my book. Of course, they left my wallet and ipod but those Cheese Nips were just too tempting to leave behind. So, to whoever stole my Cheese Nips on the train this morning (and you sure were sly because I didn't even notice you)please meet me on the green line tonight at 5:15. I'll be at the State and Lake stop going to Harlem. You can give me some replacement Cheese Nips. Kthanxbai.

On baby-related news I am nervous about my doctor's appointment and have decided to obsess about Cheese Nips to pass the time. I should be leaving for the doctor's in about an hour. I have a list of questions to go over. My list looks something like this: "flutterings stopped since Oct 17; difficulty breathing/wheezing on 10/24 - 10/26; Lightheaded, almost passed out probably low blood sugar on 10/26; how many people can be in the delivery room?; restrictions/advice on using a doula?; info for classes at Prentice; tour of Prentice?; next ultrasound?; swine flu shot?; doppler monitor" I think I've got everything.
Update to be posted when I get back from the doctor.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Belly pictures

I took a 17 week belly picture but just haven't had a chance to upload it yet, so here it is. I haven't really thought I was getting much bigger but when I compare this picture to last week's - yeah, I'm getting quite plump!

When I was at Motherhood Maternity last week, I was trying on clothes and they had a fake belly in the dressing room so you could make sure the clothes would still fit as you got fatter. Of course I had to try it on. Here's what I'm guessing I'll look like in a few months. Kinda scary!!

In non-belly news, I'm not wheezing today which is good. But I also haven't felt my little flutters lately either. The last time I felt Banjo moving around was on Friday. I really want to hear that heartbeat. I'm not sleeping well and I am super cranky and irritable. I don't know how much of that is because I'm worried and a little stressed or just plain ole pregnancy hormones. Either way, there's not much I can do about it. Well, other than go to bed at 8:00 which is what I think I may do.

Monday, October 26, 2009

17th week

So I’m in the 17th week now. The baby is the size of an onion and is about 5.1” long.

Another site also used the comparison of a beanie baby. Just out of curiosity’s sake, I googled “banjo beanie baby” and what do you know? There’s a beanie baby named Banjo and it’s a cute little puppy. Awww.

I haven’t experienced any major changes in the past week. I have had some changes which I will call minor until I hear otherwise. I see the doctor on Wednesday so I will hopefully find out if this is anything to be worried about. I’ve been having trouble breathing – which I’ve read is a common complaint of being pregnant. It has something to do with “uterus is growing and taking up more room now, crowding your other organs” and “baby is putting pressure on your ribs which are leaving less room for your diaphragm. This means you will have difficulty breathing, and will almost feel faint at times.” It happens when I walk up the stairs (especially when bringing up a laundry basket) and normal tasks seem to exhaust me. After I take a shower, I have to sit down and take a rest. I’m wheezing a little bit – but not too bad.

I also had a nice little almost passing out spell that seemed to scare Pete but I think I can attribute it to low blood sugar. On weekdays, I have a pretty strict schedule of what and when I’m eating. I eat at 6:00 am, 10:00 am, noon, 2:00, 5:00 and 7:00 pm. And I’m eating healthy things like oatmeal, yogurt, raisins, apple, etc. as snacks. But on Sunday I was in a cleaning and being productive zone and I had a bagel with peanut butter at 8:00 am and then some juice around noon. I felt faint around 1:00 and went to sit down on the couch and everything went white and I thought I was going to pass out. I called for Pete and he got me some peanut butter crackers, lemonade and an orange and after eating that I started to feel better within about 10 minutes or so. Crisis averted but I never felt back to “normal” for the rest of the day. I was still having trouble breathing and just feeling out of sorts all day.

It’s also bugging me that I haven’t felt my little flutters in the last two days. So I am really looking forward to this doctor’s appointment so I can see what my blood pressure is, how my lungs sound and to listen to that baby’s heartbeat. I had the breathing issues again this morning but it’s not bad now. I will be taking it easy the next few days.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Very first step to getting Banjo's room ready

It's not a big step but we gave away the chaise that was in my office - which will be Banjo's room. I loved that chaise. I bought it with a matching red couch when I moved into my condo and I loved that it was my first adult furniture purchase. It was so comfy and I spent many hours sitting on it reading (usually with a kitty snuggled nearby). Sadly it doesn't fit anywhere in our house now - style-wise or the size of it. We gave the couch away last year (after it sat in our dining room with an extra box spring for about 6 months). The couch went to a neighbor's son who was moving into his first apartment. I know I could have sold both on Craig's List but I liked knowing they're going to someone who needed them and will use them. The chaise went to my friend, Emily (along with a jewelry armoire that I decided I no longer wanted). Both are for her boutique. Shameless plug for Emily - Mr. and Mrs. Digz, new and recycled clothing and accessories in Andersonville. So I now have a bare space in my office as I slowly move the rest of the furniture to other places in the house. My bookcases will be moved upstairs to our bedroom to make a little sitting area. My computer is going into Pete's office in the basement. And my desk and filing cabinet for paying bills will be moved to the spare bedroom.
I have several other projects we want to get done in the next few months and hopefully my energy will last.
I'm feeling much better today - fewer cramps and I got a pretty good night's sleep. We've been pretty productive today and if this productivity lasts, I think we'll reward ourselves with dinner and a movie. I think we'll finally see Zombieland which we've been wanting to see since it first came out. And we have a gift certificate (the birthday gift that keeps on giving - dinner of the month gift certificates from John and Eileen) to dinner at a steak house nearby.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Where did my energy go?

I'm not exhausted like I was in the first trimester but I'm not feeling that great surge of energy I had a few weeks ago. I'm going to try to blame it on this dreary, rainy weather but it's actually a combination of pain, cramps and sleepiness. I'm getting used to the cramping and not freaking out about it anymore. It helps that I'm also feeling the fluttering every day so that reassures me that all is well. The cramps are also not as bad as the other day. But the leg cramps are becoming terrible. I'm getting them several times a night and they wake me up (always in my right leg for some reason) and I thrash around the bed and try to make it go away but then when it finally stops hurting I then can't fall back asleep. So I'm going to try eating more bananas but if anyone has a remedy for leg cramps (that doesn't involve bananas), please let me know! My leg is still sore throughout the day especially when I flex my foot (I know, so don't flex your foot).
I had another bad dream last night but the only part I remember was being as pregnant as I am now and bleeding that wouldn't stop. The dream woke me up and I ran to the bathroom but everything was fine.
I'm looking forward to a weekend inside and getting some things done since as of this moment I can say we have absolutely nothing planned and that thought just delights me!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baby dream

I was in the middle of this dream when the alarm woke me up so I was able to remember it before I got out of bed but the worst part was just feeling so unsettled and inadequate. In my dream the baby was born (unfortunately I did not have a feeling if it was a boy or a girl - just "the baby"). I guess the delivery was fine because it was three days after the baby was born and we were all taking a trip to Kentucky for a week. So it was Pete's parents, my parents, Pete and I and 3 strange people I didn't know (their relationship was never really explained) On the car ride there the baby just kept screaming for what seemed like the entire ride and I seemed like I was the only one who noticed it - everyone else in the car just kept on talking like nothing was wrong. When we got to Kentucky, it wasn't Pete's parent's house - it actually looked like the house we used to go to in Shawnee, PA (villa 32C) and it was even decorated like it used to be in the 80's. I was worried about breastfeeding and every time I asked someone for help, they ignored me or said something to the effect of, "Don't worry - you'll be fine." I was holding the baby and I couldn't find a place where there weren't tons of people and I could find any privacy. Looking back, I guess it's a little odd that the poor baby hasn't eaten anything in 3, no wonder the baby was screaming. The baby was also spitting up which was odd because how can you spit up if you haven't eaten anything? It was chunky like oatmeal and then it was liquid and it was fluorescent yellow. I was sitting in a chair and wiping it off and the baby kept wiggling away from me. The baby was not the size of a newborn - more like a roly-poly 6 month old. I had found a chair in a room away from everyone and was getting ready to breast feed but the baby kept rolling away from me and actually squirmed off my lap to the floor. And then the alarm went off. I woke up knowing I was doing everything wrong and my poor baby was going to starve and wiggle away from me! Sorry, Banjo!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I've had better nights

I don’t know what hit me yesterday. I think it’s a combination of a terrible night’s sleep and a sore neck and walking too much at lunchtime. Beginning in the afternoon I started getting horrible cramps which just got worse over time. By the time I got home I was couch bound. I checked the wisdom of the internet to reassure myself that it wasn’t anything serious and that yes, cramps are common throughout the entire pregnancy. As long as they’re not more intense than usual period cramps, just get through it. At least I was still randomly feeling the flutters so I was confident that Banjo was moving around. So I was resigned to feeling crappy and I was also freezing cold. I bundled up in sweats, a sweater, toasty socks and a blanket and curled in a ball on the couch (why was it sleeping on my side on the couch didn’t bother me but sleeping on my side in the bed wasn’t comfortable?) Pete got home and made me grilled cheese sandwiches and made sure I was comfortable, let the dog out and fed him and let me watch Grey Gardens on tv and checked on me throughout the night and did the dishes. I went to bed early and woke up feeling SO much better. It was a crappy night but the silver lining is that even when I’m a whiny lump, I have the best husband ever.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Old wives tales

So I just read an interesting old wives tale: when you first feel the baby flutter/move determines when the baby will be born. They say the birth will occur exactly 5 months after you first feel the baby move. That would put me at March 17 -two weeks early from the current due date and two days after my birthday. Hmmm... could be pretty cool. I would like to have a Pisces baby. So that means I would need to deliver early and it would have to be by March 20.

I haven't felt any flutters today but I did yesterday and Sunday. I also read a description of another mom-to-be describing it like when there's a goldfish in a bag and it's bumping against the bag.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

As the Belly Grows

So I don't have tons of good belly pictures yet (because there didn't seem to be much to track) But here are a few. I think I'll try to keep up with the every other week, or every week belly updates.

This was when we were on vacation and I was about 9 weeks. No belly.

Then at 10 weeks celebrating Colleen's 40th birthday and Banjo getting a kiss from Auntie CeCe

And this is at 12 weeks after yoga class.

And this is today at 16 weeks 2 days.


I can't get enough of this 2nd trimester bliss. Everything seems to be coming together. I didn't have to get up in the middle of the night to pee for three nights in a row! I know this won't last so I'll be grateful for it as long as possible. I've had a few pregnancy weird dreams but nothing crazy. Mainly I can't remember the details but the one I do remember was having to change Banjo's diaper (couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl) and the poop wouldn't stop! I've changed baby diapers before and this was no baby poop - this was Samson sized poop (Samson is our 70 pound labradoodle and anyone who has ever picked up poop from a big dog, knows that this could never be confused with baby poop). I was yelling at Pete to bring more diapers and as soon as that diaper filled up I had to replace it with another one so there was a never-ending pile of poopy diapers. Gladly I know this is a bit of an exaggeration on what real life with Banjo will be like (I hope!). I'm feeling great and I love feeling that little flutter. It always seems to be on the left side so that must be the feet.

We also found the nursery furniture. I know it's early to buy it but there is a 20% sale this weekend on top of the sale price and I can't pass it up. My parents made the very generous offer of buying the baby furniture so when they said to get it, I can't argue with that. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Rakshys!

I had a great day today and got to sleep in (another thing I know I will be missing several months from now) and met Colleen for a yummy brunch and got a haircut. I love my new bouncy 'do (nothing drastic - just a trim and cleanup since I've been growing it out but it feels so nice now.) Then I stopped at the mall - which I normally hate but I went there with a purpose (maternity store) for some work pants and maternity tights and since I parked where I needed to be it wasn't too bad. I also found some cute flats and stopped at Coldstone Creamery for what may have been the best milkshake ever - it was birthday cake ice cream and yellow cake mix ice cream and something else....I dunno but it was amazing!

My only complaint is that since I now have to start sleeping on my side (no more tummy or back sleeping) the right side of my neck is KILLING me. So I sat with an ice pack and watched Princess Bride (one of my favorite movies ever) and now I'm going to walk the dog with Pete. Overall a pretty great day!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Prental Yoga

I am loving my prenatal yoga classes. The first session ended today but another one starts in 2 weeks and it is really great to get these core breathing and stretching foundations. Today I had the greatest bonus in class because I felt Banjo move for the first time!!! No kicks or anything - too small for that but I felt the fluttering. It felt like little bubbles and also kind of like that tingling feeling when your hand falls asleep and it's tingling as it comes back to normal. Of course, I had this feeling in my uterus, not my hand. :) It was very exciting and I got a little teary eyed when I realized what it was. I felt it a few different times. Once when we were sitting and relaxed with our hands on our bellies. Also felt it when we were sitting with our legs out doing some stretches. Wow. I guess Banjo likes yoga. I'm going to keep going to the classes. They're only $55 and they're through the park district so it works out to less than $10 per class. Can't beta that!

Our instructor is amazing. She is open to anyone's birth plan and supportive of everyone's decision. I was worried it would be focused only on home births and midwives but she seems to have a story for every type of birth plan. Personally she seems to favor the natural method of giving birth without an epidural but she stresses that it's a preference for whatever each woman is comfortable with. I don't think I'm strong enough to do it naturally. I'd like to wait and take the epidural as late as possible as long as nothing is stressful to the baby. There are many benefits to giving birth naturally, as well as with the epidural. She also volunteered to be a doula for free to anyone who's interested. This is something I may think about but want to discuss with Pete further. Basically the doula is there wherever you're giving birth to make sure your needs are being met and you're as comfortable as possible. It takes a lot of pressure off of the husband because he may not know the best ways to make you comfortable and relaxed during labor. I'm sure the doula does other things as well and I want to read up on it in more detail. Has anyone had any experiences with using a doula or a friend who's used one? I'd love to hear any stories on the pros and cons of using a doula.

I'm a little bit light headed (haven't eaten enough this morning) so I'm off to make a peanut butter and banana sandwich as a snack.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A glimpse into the future? hee hee

So I stumbled across this site and couldn't resist! You upload a picture of you and a picture of your partner to see what your baby will look like. The first one is supposed to be gender neutral but it definitely looks like a boy to me. And where did the red hair come from??!!

So then I decided to see what it would look like if I specified it was a girl. Apparently girls have the same face but blonde hair and are slightly more pale. ?

Please keep in mind we still have no idea if it's a boy or a girl but we have every intention of trying to find out. About a month from now and we'll hopefully know.

But in the meantime, this is fun and silly.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Can you hear me now?

Starting this Saturday, I will be 16 weeks pregnant. I’ve read that Banjo’s ears should be pretty well developed and now is a great time to start talking to, singing to, reading to the baby. It’s also probably a good time to decrease any swear words so Banjo isn’t born thinking it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day and cursing up a storm. (but wouldn’t it be cool to have a Pirate Baby? Arrrrgh!) Pete already talks to Banjo and says “Hello” and “Goodnight” and now he can have a whole conversation with Banjo. I’m sure Banjo would love to hear about his coin collection. And I can tell Banjo all about the books I’m reading (Will Banjo love Sookie Stackhouse novels?)

I’m sure we’ll want Banjo to be well-versed in all types of music (not just alt-folk or techno). Should we put my big headphones on the belly and play music? I think it’ll be more entertaining to do that once I can feel the baby move and the kicks could be a sign of whether the music is liked or not.

I have a great book that Georgia got me – a version of “The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss to be read to the baby in utero. I think I can also read some poems and stories and maybe News of the Weird. Banjo may love to hear the best Fark headlines.

I read that it is reassuring to talk to the baby and that the baby will recognize your voice after being born. I don’t see how that’s at all possible – unless I always talk to the baby with a blanket at my mouth so it sounds all muffled and garbled after the baby’s born. Oh well, I like feeling close to my baby and whether Banjo can really hear me or not, I think it’ll be fun to talk to my little baby.

By the way, how do doctors know that babies can hear at 16 weeks? How could they hook them up to that machine I remember from grade school where you wore the headphones and raised a hand depending on which ear you heard the sound?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A few of my favorite things

I've always hoped to be a glowing pregnant woman. I envisioned myself feeling very earth motherly and maternal and that I would "know" I was pregnant the moment it happened. And, well...that's not quite the case. There's no way I knew I was pregnant. In fact, there were too many times I thought I was pregnant...was convinced and positive I was pregnant and it was probably just gas. And seriously, I'm not much of an earth mother type of gal. But there are definitely some wonderful (and not so wonderful) things about being pregnant.

The Good
* I like seeing my growing belly. I don't feel fat yet, just curvy and pregnant.
* I can't wear pantyhose or spanx. I enjoy showing my bump (what little there is) and heaven forbid I wear something uncomfortable and constricting.
* Extra food! I've never been a huge eater and I've been lucky to not really watch what I eat too much. I've always tried to be conservative in what and how much I ate. But although I'm not "eating for two" like you're not supposed to do anyway, I find myself eating a lot more than normal and actually craving healthy foods. It's a great feeling to crave an apple or a big glass of cold milk. And to feel it's perfectly acceptable that my afternoon snack is an ice cream bar. Yumm.
* Looking at Pete in a new light. Sure, I love my husband but being pregnant and seeing him react to my pregnancy has been a wonderful thing. I see him as my child's father and not just my husband and I like to imagine what our future family will be like.
* Thicker hair. Although it's need of a good style and trim, I am LOVING the thicker hair. There hasn't been much difference in my nails because they were always pretty strong but I like the feel of my hair.
* Prenatal yoga. I love going to this class and even though I've done yoga before I never learned all of the core and breathing basics. I am more in tune with my body now and will hopefully be more prepared for delivery
* Appreciation for coffee. My doctor said from the very beginning that I could have coffee. Unfortunately in the first trimester the smell made me so sick. Now that I don't get sick from the smell and I've been able to have coffee...Ahhhh. Hello, old friend, I've missed you so so much. I was a bad coffee drinker. I took coffee for granted. I will never do that again.
* I have a whole new selection of reading material. Magazines like Parenting and Chicago Baby, etc.
* I have a reason for not lifting or moving anything heavy.
* I can't use really strong cleaners or clean the litter box. "Oh, Pete, can you help your pregnant wife, please?"
* A deadline for getting household projects done. We must get everything done before the baby arrives or it will never get done.
* More energy. I guess comparing my total lack of energy to how I'm feeling now may not be fair. I am not really Super Energy Woman but I feel like it after feeling like I was crawling 75% of the time for the last 2+ months.
* I also have a reason for being moody and bitchy (not like I am ever moody or bitchy but if it should happen, I have my reason). I also have a reason for being overly sarcastic. (not really, that's Ann's fault - not because of the pregnancy)
* My favorite thing about being pregnant is pretty obvious - I'm making a life! This turns us from a couple to a FAMILY.

The Bad
* Acne. I have no pregnancy glow. I have pregnancy zits. All of a sudden I have more acne than when I was 16. It doesn't help that when it started in the first trimester I was also advised (or just paranoid) to use any any strong acne creams or astringents. The second trimester it had gotten slightly better until...
* Congestion. The great combination of fall allergy season plus pregnancy congestion and I now have acne under my raw nose from blowing so much. Higher amounts of estrogen and swollen mucous membranes are the cause of this one.
* Bleeding gums. Should I see a dentist? Yes, although I am dreading it because the end result will be that they will make them bleed more. High levels of progesterone and increased blood supply are to blame for this.
* The unknown. There is so much that will happen or could happen that when I think of the possibilities, I get terrified. This mainly applies to giving birth but hey the unknowns of what to do with the baby after it arrives have me scratching my head as well. I think my new delivery fear is that my uterus will fall out. Argh. That was one of the less than fun moments in my yoga teacher telling us about her friend whose uterus fell out. Really? I know there are other worse things that can happen but this is one that petrifies me. "So I was shopping the other day, I bent down to put some dog food in the cart and my uterus fell out!"
* No sushi. No feta cheese. I can live without the lunch meat (I can always heat it up) but no sushi, feta and no alcohol really sucks.

The Annoying
* The hormones. I dislike crying and I haven't been a raging ball of hormones but I did have a few "episodes" and I wasn't a big fan of them. Put any remotely sad movie on and I'm a goner. P.S. I Love You? Yeah, cried through about 75% of it...the second time I saw it. I haven't cried at commercials yet but give me time.
* If I filled this out a month ago it would be under Bad, but since it's in the past and it doesn't affect me so much, I'm feeling like it's just an annoying memory. I could not stay awake. I love having energy now but the tiredness SUCKED.
* Obviously I'm not big enough for it to happen but if perfect strangers pat my belly, I will be annoyed. Guaranteed.

I'm sure this list will be added to in the coming months. Until then, I will continue to focus on my favorite things about being pregnant and ignore or keep my whining to a minimum about the rest.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Recap of the First Trimester

We’d been trying to get pregnant since January of this year which was when the doctor had said it was ok to start trying again. I was pregnant last year and miscarried in October 2009 at about 10 ½ weeks along. It turns out it was a blighted ovum meaning it didn’t even progress. It was too painful to talk about initially but it’s true that it does get easier with time. It also helps being pregnant again and having things go so well. So it took me a little longer to get pregnant than we thought it would take and I spent those 7 months obsessing over every cramp and possible symptom hoping against hope that I was pregnant. Each time I got my period I was crushed. I was taking those early pregnancy tests in the hopes that I’d find out as soon as possible. No such luck. I probably took about 20 tests in 7 months. I don’t even have a great story for how I shared the news with Pete that I was pregnant. Initially I took the tests when Pete was home because I was convinced that I’d have good news to share but this time I was sure it would be another negative test. On July 21 I had met my friend, Erin, for dinner and drinks and after having a glass of wine (again, convinced I wasn’t pregnant) I came home and I was going to take the test the next morning but since I had to pee so bad I decided to get it over with and I took the test. Of course, now it’s positive. It was one of those digital ones that says either “pregnant” or “not pregnant” so I wouldn’t have to glare at the one line or two lines or plus/minus stuff. So I’m super excited and Pete’s not home from work yet for me to share the super fabulous news. You’d think I could have sat there and waited until he got home but no, I had to call him in the car. And he didn’t answer. Arrgh! He called back and I shared the good news. We called the grandparents-to-be and said we wanted to keep things quiet until I was able to see a doctor and hear a heartbeat.

We told a few people before the doctor’s appointment but wanted to keep it to ourselves a little longer. That wonderful first doctor’s appointment was on August 5 and then I had the first ultrasound on August 17.

It didn’t look much like a baby but we could see the heartbeat flickering on the screen and it was very emotional and I was pretty choked up. That following week we went on vacation to Cape Hatteras, NC and I think it was the first time I’ve ever been to the beach that I didn’t get to drink alcohol at all. But not surprisingly I didn’t care at all. It was nice to spend it with Pete, my parents, my nieces and Kristen and her friend, Olivia. It was very relaxing and I got to take a lot of naps (which I really needed).

It was fun following the different sizes of the baby every week. I had bought a book at Borders written by a doctor that ended up being a little too technical and when I read ahead, it turned out to be a little too scary for me. Luckily, Georgia bought me a less scary but just as informative book that detailed everything week by week. I have that to read along with online newsletters and blogs and I feel quite knowledgeable with what’s going on with little Banjo. The summary of the sizes is:
Week 3 – the size of a pin head
Week 5 – a sesame seed or the tip of a pen or a BB
Week 6 – a nut
Week 7 – a pencil eraser or the power button on your tv remote
Week 8 – a gummy bear or a kidney bean or a quarter
Week 9 – a grape or a cocktail olive or a marble
Week 10 – “slightly bigger than a coat button but not quite as long as a AA battery”
Week 11 – a small lemon or a large lime or a golf ball
Week 12 – the size of a small tape measure
Week 13 – a jumbo shrimp or the size of a car gas cap
Week 14 – peach
Week 15 – a baseball
Week 17 – a hockey puck

By the way, when we found out I was pregnant the pictures in the books all looked like a brine shrimp, aka sea monkey. The name Banjo is named after Space Ghost’s favorite pet, Banjo, a sea monkey.

On September 18 we had another ultrasound that looked much more like a baby and less like a miniature boiled chicken.

This is the picture that has my mother convinced that it's a girl because of the cute little mouth. What do you think?

Monday, October 12, 2009

ooo, My first post

I’m starting this blog a little later than I would have liked but now that I’m feeling warm and fuzzy (and not sick to my stomach) in the second trimester I have the motivation and the energy. Banjo (our nickname for our growing bundle of joy) has decided to stop tormenting me and I feel great. I didn’t actually throw up during the first trimester but I felt sick to my stomach pretty much every minute of the day for about two months. I started to get used to it and a few times I was feeling “better” but now I realize those days I felt better were just not as bad as the other days. I’m not complaining because I know women who have had it way worse and have thrown up the entire nine months. I remember when my sister-in-law, Eileen, was pregnant with Caitlin she would pull over to the side of the road on her way to school and throw up pretty regularly. So I am relieved I’m feeling better and also glad to be able to stay up later than 9:00 every night and not have those low points that I had when I thought I would pass out at about 2:00 every single day. So, woo hoo for more energy!

I’m now 15 weeks, 2 days pregnant. The baby is about the size of a beefsteak tomato (according to alphamom) compared to last week being the size of my fist or a peach. says the baby is the size of an orange. Hmmm. All of this produce inspired comparisons is making me hungry…and confused. I think my fist is larger than the size of a beefsteak tomato, so is Banjo shrinking? And for some odd reason, none of the websites I frequent have a size listed for next week. So Banjo stays the same size?

One of the changes in the second trimester is that I am always hungry. Seriously – always hungry. I can’t stop eating or thinking of what to eat. I want to gain a reasonable amount of weight so I’m trying to stick to my schedule for eating regular snacks throughout the day but I’m like a mouse waiting for my next pellet. Is it time to eat now? How about now? Now? Food? On a day when I gave in to eating anything that I wanted, here’s what I ate: oatmeal, a yogurt drink , cheese crackers. Then a rice krispie treat, 100 grand bars, kit kats, Arby’s BIG beef and cheddar with curly fries and a chocolate milkshake and later a bag of cheetos then more crackers, chocolate and then shishkabobs for dinner. I’ve only gained 5 pounds since becoming pregnant but if I keep eating like that, I don’t think I’ll be gaining a reasonable amount of weight. Luckily I wasn’t eating that much in the first trimester because I felt so sick to my stomach and I guess now I’m making up for it. I also normally don’t eat so unhealthy but I decided for one day to just eat whatever I want. Usually my snacks are raisins, a granola bar or apples instead of candy.

I will try to post regularly so I can document what’s going on with my ever changing weird body. I’m looking forward to being able to feel Banjo moving around in the next few weeks. I read that the earliest movement will feel like carbonated bubbles popping around. Makes me want to drink a soda.