Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eleven Months already???

Dear Luke,
One month away from being a year old already. I can’t believe it. I seriously can’t believe it. I still remember how it felt to hold you as a newborn in the hospital. I’ve been looking through your newborn pictures as I put together the invitation for your first birthday party and I can’t believe how much you’ve changed. Of course you’ve changed – that’s what happens. You are such a sweet, smart beautiful boy. You started taking your first steps while holding someone’s hands while we were visiting your great-grandparents and your great-aunts in Arizona. Your first tooth is finally starting to come in. And you’re beginning to eat more beyond general baby food. Your new favorite food is waffles and toast. You were not a fan of French toast and you still aren’t crazy about pasta. Your favorite toy is still that little telephone on wheels and you monkey, Bob. Although you can be occupied for about 30 minutes playing with a coaster and you love to knock down the blocks your dad builds up. You’re having fun with the little shape sorters and rather than just bang the shapes together to make noise I’ve noticed you trying (with limited success) to put the right shapes in the right holes. You still have a limited vocabulary of mama, dada and baba. But you know who Mama and Dada are. And I swore I heard you say doggy the other day. You and Tommy are such good friends and it’s so cute to see you play together.
When we were in Arizona you insisted on sleeping in bed with me and we won’t make it a habit but it was wonderful to have you snuggled with us in bed. You have habitually not been much of a snuggler from about 6 months on but ever since we got back from AZ you’ve been giving me better and longer hugs and I love it. You give the best little fishface kisses too!
You have had Grace as your nanny since you were three months old and it is so sad to write that she will be leaving us soon and by the time I write you your one year letter, she will probably be gone. She is pregnant and going to have her own little baby soon. She would be lucky to have a little boy as good natured as you are.

Being your mom keeps getting better and better. I think every phase you’re in is the best and then the next one is even better!


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