Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Nanny Switch

Grace, is leaving us. Grace started watching Luke when he was 3 months old and she made my transition back to work so much easier because of how much I trusted her and relied on her. Our nanny share situation gave Luke a big brother, Tommy (older by 3 days) and I never had any doubts regarding Luke’s care while he was with Grace. She has been so nurturing and diligent in the care for the babies. I worried about how I would find a new caregiver and although we have found a wonderful new nanny, I wonder how she can replace Grace.

When Grace told us she was pregnant several months ago I was so happy for her but also sad that I knew she’d be leaving sooner than we planned. I was naively convinced that she’d work up until her due date (in June) and we’d have her as long as possible. So I guess I was surprised when she said her last day would be March 25. She and her husband purchased a house and it’s too far away for her to watch the babies every day and I know how tired she’s been getting as her pregnancy can be so draining.

She says she still wants to see Luke and Tommy when she can and I hope they know how much she cares for them. It was truly wonderful for a first time mom to have one major worry lessened as I went back to work but felt secure that my baby was being taken care of in a nurturing and safe environment.

We will miss you, Grace.

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