Friday, January 14, 2011

Guest blogger - non baby related

This is the post that was supposed to appear on Thursday.

In response to reading the following link about how 'epic' should not be used:

Here is my husband's list of crap he hates on the internet:
1) lol as punctuation
2) epic when not talking about a poem
3) comic sans
4) petulant repeating of characterrrrs
5) people who say "my Internet" or "I have the Internet"
6) just sayin'
7) too much emoting: I hate that but I love (((you)))
8) chain emails from the 90s
9) using fake swears from scifi shows: frell, frack, dren, feldercarb, drek
11) top ten lists with more or less items

*these are his opinions, not mine. I found them amusing even if I don't consider this an epic top ten listttt lol
just sayin' it's my internet too ya know
I don't give a frack if people don't like my (((hugs)))

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